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Certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy

The Certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy will give you comprehensive knowledge of both common and exotic plant based essential oils. You will learn about the amazing therapeutic benefits and applications through different blending techniques, skin analysis and making your own products.

Modern Aromatherapy utilises pure, natural plant based oils of the highest quality. Individual blends are made for use in massage therapy, steam inhalations, hand and foots baths, diffusers, poultices and compresses.  

Studies also include the chemical constituents and properties of plant based essential oils so you learn how and why they work!

This course is ideal for those wanting to explore the amazing world of Aromatherapy, for use at home or in retail, and is a wonderful adjunct for Massage Therapists, Reflexologist and Beauty & Spa Therapists.

The Certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy will give you credit towards the Professional Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy if you choose to continue on with your Aromatherapy studies.

With a wide range of flexible study options and payment plans available, the Certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy provides the perfect opportunity to pursue your passion for Aromatherapy.

Recommended Study Plan: Can be completed in 2 Terms

Study part-time on campus or on-line learning or combination of both

On-line learning is a great option if you're looking for the flexibility of being able to study without being on campus! Your course materials & assessments are accessible on-line and you have access to your Trainer for help & support through on-line forums. Studying by on- learning allows you to pace your terms studies around your lifestyle!


Aromatherapy Essentials

Description: In this unit you will undertake an in-depth study of 18 essential oils, including their history, chemical constituents, actions and therapeutic use. You will also learn blending techniques, methods of application and extraction methods.

Self Directed Learning: Components of this unit require self directed study where students will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit of study is assessed via an end of term theory exam and class participation, or for distance students participation in on-line forums. 

Pre-requisites: Nil

Co-requisites: Nil


Aromatherapy Skin Care & Products

Description: Learn the rich benefits of essential oils for healthy skin care, specific oils for use for presenting skin conditions, make your own products in class using the appropriate carrier oil and walk away with the skills & knowledge to create and apply skin care products made from the often complex nature of aromatherapy essential oils. Course notes and recipes for client situations will be covered in this fun and engaging course.

Assessment (indicative only): This unit is assessed via an on-line quiz, written assessment and class participation.

Pre-requisites: For students studying the Professional Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy, the following pre-requisite units of study are applicable:
Aromatherapy Essentials

•Advanced Aromatherapy 

For those wishing to do this course as a general interest course, you may do so as a stand-alone subject and by-pass the assessment.
(Note: Academic credit for this unit of study towards the Professional Certificate is not available when the assessment process is by-passed).

Co-requisites: Nil


Advanced Aromatherapy

Description: An expansion of Aromatherapy Essentials, this unit of study considers the more exotic essential oils, advanced blending techniques, skin type analysis and the many rewarding applications of aromatherapy.

Self Directed Learning:Components of this unit require self directed study where students will perform research and or set tasks followed by reviews promoting learning, engagement, debate and group discussion.

Assessment (Indicative Only)This unit of study is assessed via a Case Study, Quiz and Class participation, or for distance students participation in on-line forums.


Pre-requisites: Aromatherapy Essentials

Co-requisites: Nil


The Science of Essential Oils

Description: This unit will provide you with a working knowledge of the processes of absorption, metabolism and the therapeutic and toxic effects of essential oils in humans.  In addition to looking at ways in which essential oils can enter and be metabolised in the body, you will investigate the process of essential oil production starting from photosynthesis through to manufacture and application. The chemical constituents and properties of essential oils will also be covered – the how and why they work!  

Self-Directed Learning: Whether students study in on-campus or distance mode, some self-directed learning is required in this unit.  As a guide (and depending on their existing level of knowledge and skills) students can expect to spend around 2-4 hours per week doing independent work.

Assessment: This unit of study is assessed via a written assessment and on-line quiz.

Pre-requisites: Aromatherapy Essentials 

Co-requisites: Advanced Aromatherapy


Course tuition fees for each term will depend on the number of units of study in which you enrol into. You enrol and pay on a term by term basis.

Year 1 Fees:

Term 1 : $820.00

Term 2 : $820.00


"Having already completed my Diploma of Reflexology at Nature Care, the Aromatherapy Course proved to be an excellent additional qualification - I use Aromatherapy in my Reflexology treatments and "vice versa". Our tutors were so knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. How could we not become enthused ourselves!"

Charlotte Wells

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