Energetic & Spiritual Healing

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Life Reflection and Self Healing

This workshop will empower individuals to understand the world around and within them, making sense of their emotional/physical/intellectual reactions to everyday living.

Through the process of learning and taking part in a group environment, attendees begin to take the journey of self-awareness & empowerment, learning to apply easy and manageable skills and strategies in your day-to-day life. 

The personal insights gained from this workshop can bring about a greater sense of peace and harmony to one's life. It can also provide a more compassionate and empathic approach and view within relationships, be it personal or professional. This is of paramount importance for those in the healing professions.

About the facilitator "Dijana Harris"

I am a qualified Counsellor and Facilitator with over 20 year's experience working with clients in a variety of holistic modalities such as breathwork, meditation, holistic medicine and counselling. I have spent a lifetime learning the art of peace, love and balance between my outer and inner world. I believe that only when those two are in complete harmony that I can live a life of purpose and contribute to my fullest potential.

I feel such a deep sense of gratitude and honor when I teach, facilitate a process of learning. Being given the opportunity to pass on knowledge to a group of adults is a privilege. I am always mindful of this and teach with compassion, kindness, patience and joy. I aim to create an intimate and friendly, mutually supportive group environment.

My skills and experience within my private holistic & wellness practice encompass individual one-on-one as well as health promotion and community development and awareness within schools, families, culturally diverse communities, youth and youth services and business's in general.




Start Date: 08/04/2018

Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm

Duration: One Sunday

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Course Fees: $110.00


"The Diploma of Energetic Healing was profound for me on all levels. I found all of my lecturers extremely knowledgeable, experienced in their are of practice and also very approachable, friendly and supportive at all times."

Janet Beath

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