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Fermentation Workshop

Your health is your most important asset and adding fermented foods to your daily diet can be done easily from your own kitchen.

Consuming naturally fermented foods provides a multitude of health benefits. Not only do fermented foods improve your digestive health by increasing digestive enzymes and promoting the growth of healthy gut flora, they also enhance the absorption of nutrients, help to boost the body's immune system and more.

In this workshop you will explore more about the many health benefits of incorporating seasonal fermented foods into your diet and get hands-on as you learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious fermented food at home.

The next workshop will likely include some fermented foods from the variety below:

Wild fermented Spicy South American Sauerkraut
Marbled Cultured Eggs
Wild Fermented Eggplant
Tomato, Corn and Onion Salsa
Wild fermented Pineapple Ginger and Turmeric Sauerkraut
Blueberry and peach relish
Wild fermented Miso Tofu
Wild fermented Fruity Kvass

What do I bring?

Please bring along an apron & two sterilized wide mouth glass jars (each with a capacity of 2 cups) in order to bring home your ferments.

About the facilitator - Marcea Klein
Marcea Klein B.A. BSc. is passionate about working with people as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Holistic Health and Nutritional Counsellor and Wholefoods Cooking Instructor.

Marcea has appeared on television, established and directed the East West Centres and Wholefood Cooking Schools in Sydney and London and is a journalist and published author of 7 books.

Join Marcea Klein in this practical one day workshop to learn the secrets to successful fermenting.


Start Date: 06/05/2018

Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm

Duration: One Sunday

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Course Fees: $150.00


"I really enjoyed it! I'm still reading the course books now, it really opened my eyes to how the body processes food and how different foods make it function, which I wasn't really aware of before. I also liked that the assignments were based on your own life in a lot of ways, so you were forced to look at your diet and reflect on what you've learned..."

Alexandra Ishigaki

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