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Organic Gardening for Balconies & Courtyards

Don't let space be a barrier to growing your own organic produce. Enjoy the health benefits of freshly picked organic food from your very own balcony or courtyard!

This practical one day workshop is bursting with information and tips on how you can make the most of the space you have on your balcony or in your courtyard to create an edible organic garden.

Discover the merits of moon planting, companion planting and how to successfully make your own compost or worm farm. Find out how, when and why it's important to eradicate garden pests and diseases without using chemicals.

Come along and learn how you can experience better health and the superior taste of your own home-grown organic produce!

Research indicates that organically-grown food is better for you, so why not learn how easy it is to grow your own organic herbs, vegetables and fruit trees in your courtyard or on your balcony?

Topics in this short course include:

  • Growing conditions - soils and potting mixes.
  • Recycling, compost, worm farms, bokashi, etc.
  • Crops, ¬†herbs, vegetables, fruit trees.
  • Correct planting methods¬†- crop rotation, companion and moon planting.
  • Organic disease and pest control methods.
  • Reasons for growing and eating organic produce.

Study options: Join us on campus in Sydney.


Start Date: 21/10/2018

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Duration: One Sunday

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Course Fees: $125.00


"I really enjoyed it! I'm still reading the course books now, it really opened my eyes to how the body processes food and how different foods make it function, which I wasn't really aware of before. I also liked that the assignments were based on your own life in a lot of ways, so you were forced to look at your diet and reflect on what you've learned..."

Alexandra Ishigaki

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