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Sports Nutrition

In this short course you will learn to identify the specific dietary requirements of athletes and sports people, to be able to provide dietary advice and make specific sports nutrition recommendations that cover all phases of exercise,  from pre-exercise through to recovery.

In addition you will explore the impact of the GI of food on energy levels, nutritional strategies for weight management and look at the specific dietary needs of vegetarians in sports nutrition.

Sports Nutrition will cover the following topics in practical and easy to apply way:

  • Energy production and why different foods provide different amounts of energy
  • Creating optimum diet plans for pre-during-post training and exercise
  • Competition Nutrition
  • Glycaemic Index and the Glycaemic Load
  • The role of body fat and dietary fats specific to sports nutrition and weight management
  • Specific sports nutrition needs for vegetarians and efficient protein sources for vegetarians in training

Study options: Join us on campus in Sydney or study from home (or anywhere!) via distance/e-learning.

Course Fees: $375.00


"I really enjoyed it! I'm still reading the course books now, it really opened my eyes to how the body processes food and how different foods make it function, which I wasn't really aware of before. I also liked that the assignments were based on your own life in a lot of ways, so you were forced to look at your diet and reflect on what you've learned..."

Alexandra Ishigaki

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