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Diploma of Energetic Health

16 April 2018

Nature Care College founded Energetic & Vibrational Health education through its educator, practitioner and author Martine Negro who has been working in this field for over 30 years.

The college has been at the forefront of emphasising the importance of energetic awareness and education since the 1980's. Educator, Practitioner and Author Martine Negro has over 30 years' experience understanding the energy dynamics of the human system. Martine has worked with the college to develop our new course to empower people and practitioners to practice energy management for true wellbeing.

The Diploma of Energetic Health course teaches the fundamental energetic & vibrational health principles to achieve long-term wellbeing by empowering people to manage their personal energy & become more responsible for their health. As we live longer, we need to enjoy a higher quality of life; energy medicine is crucial in empowering people to look after their health.

You will learn a diverse range of therapeutic tools & diagnostic approaches to bring a person's body system back into balance to encourage healing and vitality on all levels.

Your studies include theoretical, experiential and practical training in the history, principles and techniques of energetic healing including; the meridian energy system (energetic anatomy), chakra, meridian and aura assessment and balancing, meditation and guided visualisations, developing and refining your intuition, releasing blockages, specialist counselling skills and the use of tools such as colour therapy, essences and crystals and pendulum work in practice.

The Diploma of Energetic Health is a course that facilitates the practice of energy management, which is a core aspect of our health industry.

This course qualifies you to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career as an Energetic Health practitioner, exploring the mind, body and spirit connection, working with clients to facilitate healing and growth at an energetic and spiritual level and restoring vitality.

Who is this course for? This is a transformational course to empower people to practice energy management for true wellbeing. It is suitable for everyone & is a valuable course for practitioners to expand on their knowledge and integrate energy medicine into their practice





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