I have discovered my true essence through the Energetic Healing course. Each subject and all the lecturers have been very inspiring. They helped me to grow spiritually. I gained confidence to go into the field.


This was an outstanding course. Beautifully written and incredible amount of information gained. Deborah delivered the entire piece with so much knowledge and insight, and she has a knack of storytelling that is just mesmerizing. Would highly recommend this course!


Nature Care has always been a student focused college, providing support for students and excellence in their choice of lecturers. I’ve loved studying here, and whilst it has been a lot of hard work, the learning curved is phenomenal and content excellent.

Junia Kerr

This course was nothing short of amazing. The information is priceless. The delivery was fantastic and it was great to interact with other likeminded people. Besides learning from the information delivered, I also learnt from the other students in the course.

Tracey Xuereb

I discovered that I really loved the Anatomy & Physiology short course it was fascinating, challenging and very personally rewarding. The course notes and references were very clear. My trainer Inga Saliba, provided great links to the best of online material relevant to the subject (appropriate to our level) and some extra more challenging material for the intellectually curious.

I initially signed up for the face to face training at the college before Covid 19. I am now a convert to the online course and will continue my studies in this format.
Thank you Inga you helped ignite a passion I never knew I had! – Sandra


A wonderful, supportive, and inspiring course! Thank you for the guidance and encouragement. I feel empowered with the skills needed to facilitate meditation in the community.


I totally recommend this course to anyone who is interested in natural remedies and health.


The course was absolutely fantastic! I learnt so much and Lis was truly wonderful. Such an inspirational woman and a fountain of knowledge! She presented the course in a way that was easy to understand, a good pace and lots of extra anecdotal information to help us.


Nature Care College is a fantastic college to study. The course was fun, practical and educational and the teachers are outstanding. Their knowledge, passion & enthusiasm make the classes a joy to learn. A truly great place to build your career and knowledge. – Lisa Gumieniuk

Lisa Gumieniuk

"The Meditation Facilitator course is inspiring and helped me make a positive change. Both Lorna & Judy gave me encouragement to follow the Mediation Path with conviction and in so doing, impart my knowledge to others. I loved the course. Thank you!"

Tammy Bergman

"I really enjoyed it! I'm still reading the course books now, it really opened my eyes to how the body processes food and how different foods make it function, which I wasn't really aware of before. I also liked that the assignments were based on your own life in a lot of ways, so you were forced to look at your diet and reflect on what you've learned..."

Alexandra Ishigaki

I have studied with Nature Care for years and have found the experience rewarding for my career, also making some great likeminded friends along the way. I can highly recommend.

Kathy Schoonenberg

I have discovered my true essence through Energetic Healing Diploma Course. Each subject and all the lecturers have been very inspiring. They helped me to grow spiritually. I gained confidence to go into the field. Izumi Amauchi

Izumi Amauchi

"Martina's enthusiasm for Reflexology is evident. Classes aren't based wholly on the Learning Guide but also include her experiences as a practitioner - very valuable."

Andrew Smith

When signing up to undertake the Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching Course at Nature Care, I was extremely nervous as I had never studied via correspondence and I am the type of person who likes support and encouragement to know I am on the right track. Trainer Sally Kelvin has absolutely exceeded this need for me. Sally provided nothing but the best support, encouragement, feedback and above all belief in all of her students. It is so amazing all of the above qualities and more that Sally has provided has been mainly through the online forums or private messages, often I wouldn?t experience this unless face to face . Never could I have imagined the sense of support Sally has given me would be this great. I thank Sally whole heartedly and believe (without having met her in person mind you), she is one of the most beautiful human beings I have come into contact with.

Rebecca Norman

"Libby was a very informative, helpful & fantastic teacher who I learned so much from. It was a pleasure to come to class."

Vanessa Brown

"Brilliant. Absolutely necessary in this fast tracked technological world to take on a course that will lift you and your business into the next realm."

Oliva Gellant

"I loved my time at Nature Care. I found my teachers excellent and the whole atmosphere inspiring so many people under one roof pursuing their interest and passion for natural medicine, and their dreams to become a practitioner. I've returned to the country now and work in a busy multi-modality clinic."

Sunny Goddard

Homoeopathy Graduate

"I loved my experience at Nature Care. I made some life long friends, know how to better care for my family and now have a job that I love."

Lisa Snowdon

Nutrition Graduate

"I am so grateful to Nature care College for providing such a supportive and highly professional tuition over the time I spent doing my qualification. Thank you all so much!"

Monika Bebb

Massage Graduate

"This is a testament to the quality and extent of education offered at Nature Care, and makes me feel very pleased and proud that I chose to study at Nature Care."

Lesley Greig

Homoeopathy Graduate

"Having already completed my Diploma of Reflexology at Nature Care, the Aromatherapy Course proved to be an excellent additional qualification - I use Aromatherapy in my Reflexology treatments and "vice versa". Our tutors were so knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. How could we not become enthused ourselves!"

Charlotte Wells

"My experience at Nature Care College has surpassed all expectations. I was extremely apprehensive when I enrolled in the Diploma of Counselling. Half way through my first year, I feel so nurtured and inspired to learn more. This is by far, one of the best things I have done for my career, personal life and for my soul!"

Lisa Gilfoyle

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