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Cellular Health - Living for Longevity

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Current research in wellbeing shows that lifestyle changes & how we use our mind, play a significant role in improving our cellular health.

Learn how to thrive and reap the benefits of healthy aging with longer periods of good health and longevity with quality of life.

Discover changes you can make to look after your health and slow cellular ageing.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion. 

Completion of this short course will give you credit towards the Professional Certificate of Holistic Wellness Coaching.



Thoroughly enjoyed this unit. It was really useful, and I also liked the breathing technique we had been taught. Judy is a true subject matter expert! - Rikarda

Judy is an engaging tutor, her knowledge undeniable. I came away from this fascinating course with a much clearer understanding of the subject. - Caroline

Highly recommend this course to anyone. The teacher is so knowledgeable in this subject and great approach to teaching . Thank you - Maria

This course was facinating, very well researched and inspirational. It was fabulous to learn that western research is proving what many yogis and others have told of for centuries...that we can enhance our cell health and rejuvenation and longeveity. ~ Brahmashakti 

Dr Judy Lovas was great in terms of knowledge and delivery. The subject of the workshop is very inspiring and offers practical tools to help for self and clinical usage on the subject. Overall a highly recommended workshop. ~ Sudha 

I appreciated Judy’s back up of evidenced based research. Judy is so committed to the topic and has a genuine need to share her findings. Thank you, Judy, for your enlightenment on cellular ageing which can enable us to have more choice on how we want to be as we age. – Beverly


Upon successful completion you will be issued with a certificate.
Members of ATMS (Australian Tradition Medicine Society) can receive 7 Continuing Professional Education points for this Nature Care College course.




Start Date: 23/02/2024

Time: 9.30am to 12.00pm

Duration: Fridays, live online for 3 weeks

Price: $270.00

Flexible Learning Options

Enjoy the ease of attending the class live in our virtual classroom with your Trainer OR watch the recording in line with your own weekly study schedule. You can choose to:

Attend the class lesson live in real-time online at the scheduled time OR

Review the class recording and course content at your leisure in-line with your own weekly study schedule.

You can attend the live class and watch the recording for revision to consolidate your learning.

Nature Care's virtual classroom is accessed through the colleges secure online Student Portal which you can access day and night 7 days a week.

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